Four Different Ways to Use Your Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is one amazing tool that all makeup junkies are obsessed with. The little pink sponge has the ability to make your foundation look flawless. However, not many people are aware that your Beauty Blender can be used in a number of ways. Here, we shall take a look at how you can multi-task with this magical tool.


1. Use your Beauty Blender to Bake

In the last few years, we have seen the trend of ‘baking’ your makeup emerge. This is a process in which you use your setting powder to apply to the areas of your face that are prone to creasing and let the powder sit there for a few minutes. Most people like to apply their setting powder in their under-eye area, the sides of the nose and their chin. While powder-brushes can be used to bake your makeup – they can turn out to be very messy. We recommend that you bake your makeup using a Beauty Blender. A damp Beauty Blender will pick the right amount of setting powder and you would not waste any product at all.

2. Use your Beauty Blender to Highlight

You must be wondering how can one ‘highlight’ their face using a Beauty Blender? We’ll take you through this process here. Take the bottom portion of your Beauty Blender and dab it into some cream or liquid highlighter. Now, apply the liquid highlight in the form of a C on your cheekbone area to the area under your brow-bone. After that, take the left-over product and bounce the Beauty Blender on your chin area and the center of your forehead. You will notice that applying your highlighter with a Beauty Blender will give you an instant natural-looking glow.

3. Use your Beauty Blender to apply your Blush

Most of the people who own a Beauty Blender just like to apply their foundation with it and use makeup brushes to apply the rest of the products. However, if you are using a liquid or cream foundation, it is highly recommended that you use your Beauty Blender to apply the Blush to the apples of your cheeks. Take a small amount of blush on the bottom area of the Beauty Blender and dab it onto the areas where you like to apply your blush. Start with a very small amount as you might end up putting more product on the cheeks than required. You will notice that your blush will blend in seamlessly with your liquid foundation after you use this method.

4. Use your Beauty Blender to apply your Primer

More often than not, we use our fingers to apply our primer in order to prep the face for makeup. But, we don’t realize that this is an unhygienic way of applying a product to your bare face. You can use your Beauty Blender as a safe method to apply your primer. Interesting, right?

All in all, a Beauty Blender is a magical tool that can be used in a number of ways. If you don’t already own a Beauty Blender you can shop it here (Click on the image):



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